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The Abominable Dr. Lush [VOD]


The Abominable Dr. Lush
Starring Ally Angel & Cindy Dollar
German Dialogue/English Subtitles - 34.33 mins

Ally wanks

This custom request movie is very different to the type of film we usually make. It features a very drunk Doctor (Ally Angel) who arrives to find no patients waiting at her surgery. So she grabs a fresh bottle of whiskey and downs it with great ferocity. This has the effect of making her horny as hell, so soon she is ripping off her pants and masturbating until she passes out.

Along comes her first patient. A security guard (Cindy Dollar) who is suffering from stomach ache. She brings a present for the Doctor, a bottle of Fernet Stock. When she arrives she finds the Doctor is fast asleep. The Guard thinks the Doctor is asleep from being over worked but on wakening her, she smells her alcoholic breath  and so hides her gift .

drunk in the woods

The lush doctor likes the look of the Guard and tells her to strip so she can examine her. The guard stands naked as  Dr.Lush  rubs her pussy, thus exciting the patient until she cums.

vagina squeeze

Ashamed at being made to orgasm in the Doctor's surgery, she has to admit that her stomach ache is now gone and finally lets the Doctor have her present. The Doctor gulps down the liquer, as it pours over her bare breasts.

force wank

Seeing that the Doctor is not stable on her feet, the guard gets her a chair and sits her down. At which point she pees all over the guards pussy.

pissed on
Shocked and angry, the guard dresses and decides to take the Doctor home, as she is far too inebriated to do any good in the Surgery.

thru legs

So off they walk through the woods while the Doctor sings a drinking song.

[Features, drunkenness, big breasts, masturbating, forced masturbation, simulated peeing, messy drinking]

  • Manufactured by: Teraz Films

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