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Rug Bitch (VOD)


(This is a scene from Nina's Nightmares)
Starring Maria Vaslova - Duration 17:16 mins

Nina (Maria Vaslova) is having  a strange dream, she is out in the woods at night beating her rug (not a euphemism). Along comes an old hag who wants to beat her own rug. Nina tells her to get lost. Big mistake. The witch strips Nina naked and ties her to the rug beating frame. Now she presses a vibrator hard against her clitoris whilst stuffing her pants into her juiced up pussy. Watch Maria as she cums again and again  (for real), this ain't acting. Then the witch pulls her sodden panties out of her cunt and shoves them into her mouth, taping it in place with transparent tape so she can suck on her own pussy juice.
Now the Witch starts to beat Nina like an old rug with her Rug Beater. Beating her breast stomach, ass and pussy.  Now its time for all her friends to come and try their rug beaters out on her.....
But the nightmare has a final denouement

Nina and the witch

Nina Beaten

Nina Gagged


SIZE: 529Mb
RES:  1280 X 720
BIT RATE:   5617 kbps
FRAME RATE: 25 fps
AUDIO: 128 kbps Stereo 48khz

  • Manufactured by: Terror Perverse

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