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Kristi and the Time Machine VOD

Starting at: $18.95

Terror Perverse - Teraz Films©2011
Format: NTSC - All regions

Runtime: 107 mins (approx) + extras
Language: English (with Spanish & Italian) (2.0)
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen (16:9)
Stars: Kristi Lust and Maria Vaslova, Baron Trenk, Clare Hill, Rob Hart
Directed by: Richard Stalin

IMPORTANT: The price shown here is for the large WMV version of the film (default format). If you wish to buy the MPEG2  version, scroll down to the bottom and select "MPEG Large".
As the MPEG2 is a larger file there will be a slight extra charge
MPEG2 is a DVD standard file format - Both files play on Windows Media Player 
(Mpegs may not play on Mac computers)

Follow the outrageous adventures of the unfortunate  Dr Kristi Lust
as she erotically travels through time and space!

IMPORTANT: The download version offered here  has NO subtitles although sections of the film are spoken in Spanish, Polish and Latin. However you also have the option of adding the subtitled version to your order. So you will then have two versions of the film. The subtitled version is offered  as either  MPEG 2 (3.22Gb) or MP4 (3.44Gb). Both formats play on a Windows Media Player. Please note that both subtitled files are in fact larger than the Non-Subtitled version - BUT the picture quality is not nearly as good.

If you decide not to go for the subtitled version now then you will have the option of buying it later. For the moment the subtitled version cannot be bought by itself.

You can also buy both the KTM download and the KTM DVD (with  a range of subtitles in different sizes) at a discounted price

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Click the link below for more info, pics and a very large trailer

 FILE: WMV (Plays on most PCs and Macs)
SIZE: 1.76 Gb
RES:  720 x 480
BIT RATE:  8311 kbps
FRAME RATE: 29 fps
AUDIO: 70 kbps Stereo 44khz

SIZE: 1.58 Gb + 1.72 Gb  (2 files)
RES:  720 x 480
BIT RATE:  8224 kbps
FRAME RATE: 29 fps
AUDIO: 224 kbps Stereo 44khz

  • Manufactured by: Terror Perverse

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