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Nina's Nightmares DVD


"Nina's Nightmares" is one of my all time Fave top 3 Teraz & Stella films! It has full elements of babe torment from home invasion rape,whipping, beating, humiliation,fear,bondage,intensely & INDULGENTLY offered up in appreciatively long scenes of well choreographed sex & violence, all within a thematic context that, in itself,gives us the experience of being in a hyper-real lucid dream of stunningly effective & erotically arousing action!
It's star,Maria Vaslova (that first whipping victim in the woods in MOW1)is a goddess of the "tormented woman" film genre!Her "average woman next door lovely" appearance,(she could be "any business woman, secretary, etc."going off to work)is all the more attractive when she is stripped naked to reveal one of the most stunningly sexy & unique body's I've ever seen (& now regularly cine-fuck-worship!)The Erotic effect is wonderfully intense & satisfying!Nobody takes a rape or beating like she does, with her arching, twitching, squealing,& moaning that she does becoming a true dance/song of passionate pain!
Her delivery of her lines in her earnest, imperfect English, is always rather a Pavlovian signal to me, creating excited anticipation of the "good hard stuff" that I know is coming!(I have this experience with all these Teraz/Stella films in English)
The erotic/torment dream onslaught starts with her being led into the forest & riding crop whipped mercilessly as she goes. So hot to see her wince & twitch as the blows hit her lovely body! After seemingly waking & preparing to go to work...she is home invaded & dildo raped by a sex toy salesmen who comes to her door! Mmmm...Maria spread legged, tormented, & dildo raped repeatedly....Mmmmm...BitchRip heaven!
One of the best scenes is when the Fantom invades & Veggie Rapes her most indulgently, cruelly, & completely! (You'll never look at yer cukes in the old way again)
Ohhh the squelchiness!
A definite replay often scene!
One of my favorite Maria scenes of all she's done so far is the one where she is bound & gagged by the old Witch in the Midnight Woods of Torment then given a quite long & intense beating with an old carpet beater! Maria, arching back(her signature Whipped Goddess Pose) & getting her tits beaten rapidly is a scene that brings me to ecstasy quite often indeed!

The one place where 5the film fails a bit is that last scene, Maria bound & gagged in bed, all the freaks from the rest of the film converging on her to do her all at once and....FADE!

(but the flick is soo good for it's type you'll just go back to the hot stuff after an initial WTF?!!!)
Upon first seeing this film I've become a rabid Maria Whipped Babe fan & buy all of her films gladly! ("Intruder" is great too).
If you've got a DarkMind Fantasy involving BitchWhipRape DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!..just get "Nina's Nightmares" and have at her in the safety of yer private fantasies!
She's waiting for you, spread legged & yer VODreams!

Complete your cucumber abuse collection by getting the 2 Anastasia Christ's cuke VoD's here too...(Very sexy!!)
(and then have a cucumber salad...recipe included!)
Date Added: 03/16/2012 by Sam Hand


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