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Her Last Orgasm 1 [VOD]


For me, "Her Last Orgasm" starring the lovely Denisa Heart is the best of the current (03/04/12) Short VOD movies offered here at Teraz.It is well & lushly shot,very erotic, & nicely dark & sleazy.We come into the action of a nubile, young, innocent looking, babe doing a full on pussy masturbation in true voyeuristic style & are quickly positioned for deliciously close POV style action. What's important here is that the performance is, realistic, & beautifully shot, with great attention being paid to long & detailed lingering pussy close ups that bring us right into the squelchy sounding, finger jamming, action! Denisa gives a deeply erotic orgasmic flow performance that is (IMPORTANT) long enough to be effective & with sumptuous wet inner pink lingering shots, and very enjoyably erotically stimulating!
The approach of the Fantom projects menace & evil, adding to the sense of impending doom for this young innocent babe so full of fresh, juicy,sexuality in the bloom of her life!
The kill scene is effectively done, allowing the viewer to easily slip into DarkSideMind & enjoy it from an especially well chosen,mostly pussy close,point of view while her lovely spread legged, body & terror stricken face go through her spasms & jerking, thros of death .
This VOD easily works for multi viewing erotic stimulating enjoyment and I recommend it an excellent offering of it's kind.
***** (five stars)
Date Added: 03/06/2012 by Sam Hand


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