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The Pussy Strangler [VOD]


Starring the lovely, buxom, babe Veronika Vee, "THE PUSSY STRANGLER" is more of a Breast focused strangulation fantasy..
It begins with her,being gloriously, completely, naked &,masturbating seated in her kitchen.She is such a voluptuously beautiful woman that it is almost enough just seeing, her non-close up, pussy wanking away.
Something is missing for me in this video though,,. a closer, more intimate sense of eroticism.The whole masturbation is a bit too quick & needs very much the close up intimate dwelling focus that is availible in "Her Last Orgasm" with Denisa, to be really effective for me.How good it would be to see a long, focused pussy close up of her hand in pussy, gooshing away for a long time & her cumming loudly as the killer strikes! Then going into long series of leg kicks, groin pumps,of Death & Eros mixed as we watch first from between her legs then full body !
But this is a breast focused video and there are parts in her kill scene where she is struggling, standing, legs apart & shaking her breasts in an effective blending of death & sexy moves during a nicely long & indulgent kill scene.
She is amazing & I'm hoping to see a lot more of her in Teraz VOD's.
I'd love to see her as a stripper who does a long explicit (fingering) strip & is then whipped, raped, & a LONG, erotically detailed scene.
This is worth getting...I havesuch a desire to squeeze & slap her massive tits & pull her legs apart!
And Oooooo...when she boogies those big bold Honeydolls in the kill scene....Yeah Mama!
Date Added: 03/07/2012 by Sam Hand


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