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Stripped & Whipped [VOD]


Hard to imagine that 36 minutes of almost non-stop whipping of a nude woman including (sort of) on a wooden horse would have you fast-forwarding through almost the whole thing. I found about 30 seconds for a keeper reel. Kate Blonde (she's not) is one of the few women in Teraz stable with natural breasts, but she must not want them whipped. Maybe 5 strokes in the whole video hit them. If you like ass-whipping from the back, this one may work for you. It has two set-ups--standing on a stool AOH (I guess no-one explained that the idea was to kick the stool away and whip her suspended) and straddling a dildo on a wooden horse. Fortunately the horse has cross struts, wo Kate can stand on them the whole time, never actually getting in contact with the bar. There are occasional nice shots of the dildo in her pussy, but the camera work is particularly poor in this one. There are shots where she is in half the frame (the other half just background) and if she's being whipped, we can't see it, others where we watch her BACK (again!) while her front is being whipped (?) maybe. All in all, Teraz was right not to use much of this in MOW1 or 2, but $10 bucks to find that out is a rip.

Thanks for your review. However we do state honestly that:

"For some 30 minutes of whipping may be too long, it depends on your interest in the subject. Even at this length, scenes have been cut. But as Kate so gamely accepted every cruel lashing of her exposed body we decide that the viewer should be able to have the chance to see her full suffering"

STRIPPED & WHIPPED is more for fans of Kate Blonde than for fans of hard whipping. The Mark of the whip series are films involving whipping but were never intended to be hard whipping film ala Mood or Paingate. In fact S&W was actually filmed for Paingate/Whipped Women as part of a deal with them along with Maria Vaslova's Raw Whipping - but suddenly they were asking for more blood in the films and we didn't want to do that. This was back in 2006 when their productions were alot weaker then. I am not sure if Mood was even going back then.

So after the deal fell thru with Paingate we decided to use the props we had bought to film "Mark of the Whip".

$9.95 for 36 mins is hardly a "rip" (It was $14.95) - we have now lower it down to $6.95 - but there was a lot of editing work invloved. As we mentioned we could have made the scenes shorter but it seemed a shame to leave so much stuff on the cutting room floor, especially as we think this is the last of the unused footage we have of Kate.

Kate's breasts were a bit too natural for me.... so we focus on her other attributes


Roman Nowicki
Teraz Films
Date Added: 12/25/2014 by Peter VanDeusen


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