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Brutal Treatment of a Captive Female Pt1 [VOD]


If you like to see a big beautiful buxom babe beaten,raped, & tortured for long duration & repeated effect then GET THIS VIDEO!
I don't want to spoil your "fun" by being too descriptive, just suffice to say I'm a perv who likes to see Fantasy Babes brutally punched, kicked,slapped, fondled, AND raped for long duration & this flick has all that (plus pissing & electrocution)FULL TILT!!
Cindy is a "big babe" dream woman & the idea of totally dominating & roughing her up is quite highly erotically charged.
She takes the multiple punches to tits, torso & pussy effectively,falling back into a nice,legs spread upskirt pussy flash pose made kinkier by a pee in her panties episode.Many times her rough treatment had me moaning ,"Yes...Oh...YES!" I especially liked the innovative use of a kind of "stop action" style to enhance the actual strikes to her face, tits, pussy & ass.
Teraz finally gets it right by including great shots of actual penetration rape torment with fake (but quite effective) strap on dick on her tormentor! (Fake but realistic looking dick is MUCH better for this kind of action,dependable & ...well, more "epic" in proportion).
Effective & erotic scenes of sex & beating together amp up the Wank-o-riffic aspects of this video.
There follows a long scene of electric shock treatment action complete with dildo insert & tit shaking that is effective for what it is, with simple yet spectacular effects.I'm less interested in shock torment than I am in beatings & sex but it's enjoyable in it's own right, and is a good addition to the whole scene.
All in all...A very satisfying Erotic/torment journey that is full of "Oh yeah...I'd do that to her!" moments!
....but indulge in it here to yer hards content!
Date Added: 04/10/2013 by Fanto Wankovich


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