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Fantom Kiler Strikes Again [VOD]


FKSA is great stuff! I loved the credit sequence, and am always happy to see lost footage of Hana Liska. I know she's retired, but dear God, if ever a woman was created for the sole purpose of being strapped naked to the top of an elevator it had to be her. And nice job of shooting it - I was wondering who was in the most danger - her or the crew?!!

The ironing sequence was fun, too, and the effects quite convincing. I was similarly impressed with the animation in the Volkswagen Bug tug - I couldn't figure out how you were going that off, but it was very nicely done.

Always happy to see new material, especially when it involves an old friend in a ballgag and stilletos.
Date Added: 01/23/2013 by Frank Stelios


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