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Human Target 1 [VOD]


Human Target
starring Billie Star

human  target

Billie plans on doing a bit of sunbathing, not realising she has  wondered onto private property.  After looking around to make sure no one is peeking, she strips down to her Polka Dot Bikini.
The hot sun beats down on her sensuous flesh "I wish I could bathe naked" she thinks.
As the warm rays caress her soft skin, she start to feel aroused. Her hands begin to massage and squeeze her ripe breasts. They then wonder south as she starts to play with her delicate pussy.... Mmm that feels so good.
But just as she builds to a climax she hears a sound.

It appears that Billie's slutty display did not go unnoticed and now she will pay for her wanton ways.


In some dank, dark cellar, Billie awakens, ring gagged and tied to a large wooden target.  In walks her crazed captor who proceeds to cut off her bikini with a huge pair of scissors. First the bra, then the pants until she is totally naked.

Time to tenderize  those ample bosoms. The leather flogger slashes into her exposed flesh.  Now the bathing beauty is ready for a special test - A Slut Test. If she passes, she may survive but if she fails ...... then she will be punished.

The masked captor thrusts a back dildo deep into her hot pussy. Sliding deep inside her moist shaft the evil dildo presses hard against her cervix as it becomes lubricated by her uncontrollable secretions.  She tries to resist its insidious temptations, for she knows that if this psycho can cover her body in her own slimey cunt juice, then she will be proven to be a total slut, beyond any kind of redemption and only fit for a terrible punishment.

The thick dildo probes deep into her wet vagina. She is powerless to resists. Deeper it goes, slop, slop,  causing her pussy to gush with her slut juice which he spreads over her naked body like hot butter across toast.

She tries to resist, but the fear and humilition just arouses her disobedient pussy even more, slowly sealing her fate. Her entire body trembles in orgasmic terror!

The dildo's head is rubbed mercilessly against her exhausted and tender clitoris. She has never felt such terror and yet also such pleasure. She tries to fight it but her whole body spasms in explosions of pleasure. Her slutty secretions now cover her from tit to toe making her out-stretched torso glisten in the dark, damp cellar.

To add to her shame, her ring gagged mouth dribbles saliva down onto her juice covered breasts. She never knew a person could endure such indecent humilation. The dildo is thrust back inside her gaping wet hole. She is literally a Slut on A  Stick.

Her treacherous vagina, twitching and exhausted has sealed her fate. It is time for her slutty body to be punished.
Exhausted and shaking she is now ready to be used for human target practise. The captor stands back, loads up his bow, aims and fires the first arrow, missing her naked body by a hairs breadth.
The tension is unbearable. She quivers and screams, with no way to protect herself. In comes another arrow right under arm. Then another, just above her head. Her slime covered, trembling torso awaits the next arrow. Woosh! Rght beneath her throbbing labia. A few inches higher and her pussy would have been kebabed
Fianlly the archer is down to his last arrow. She will soon know whether she will be allowed to live or die. He pulls back the bowstring. He aims  The pathetic target twists and gurgles, wondering which part of her body the arrow will penetrate.
He shoots......

DURATION: 21.39 mins
SIZE: 683Mb
RES:  1280 X 720
BIT RATE:   4435 kbps
FRAME RATE: 25 fps
AUDIO: 96 kbps Stereo 48khz

  • Manufactured by: Teraz Films

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