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How to get Film Extras and Re-edits at a Discount

How to get Film Extras and Re-edits at a Discount
...after buying the main feature.

Sometimes we upload a film and then sometime later we upload a BTS or maybe a re-edit of that film (eg: Bad Day For Veronika). We may also add a subtitled version
(eg: Confess!) or add any other extra (eg: another film related to the actress).

All these "Extras" are usually much cheaper when bought with the feature but if you have already bought the feature, you may feel like you missed out on the bargain. You may also buy the feature, then after viewing, decide you want to buy the BTS or the subtitled version

So now we are offering this solution. If you order $10 of Downloads or DVDs you can request any extra from a film that you have already bought as a Feature. You can add the info in the comments section (you will see this box at checkout)

EG: Please add: CONFESS Subtitled-Version - WMV Large Size ( +$0.95 )
(It is probably best if you copy and paste the info into a simple txt editor (eg: Notebook) if you plan to continue browsing and then paste it into the "Comments" section when you check out. Especially if you are ordering more than one extra)

Just remember to put:
1) Title of Feature Film
2) Type of extra (BTS, Subtitled, etc)
3) Format (if there is an option)
4) The Price

Here is an example:
You previously purchased Confess! and now you would like the English Subtitled version

So in the comments section at checkout you could type
Please add: CONFESS Subtitled-Version WMV Large Size ( +$0.95 )

We will then add $0.95 to the total and send you the download link via email

For every $10 you spend, you can add a discounted extra that is offered at the foot of the Feature's Description Page.
(as long as you have already bought the version's main feature)
(Eg: To get the discounted Confess with subtitles you will have to already have bought the un-subtitled version)

We are working on a way to simplify this process and also monitoring any loopholes.
But for now, it is one way that early purchasers don't miss out on any bargains.

You can also add the info here, if you wish (and add this page to your cart)


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