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Hijacked Stewardesses [VOD]

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Hijacked Stewardesses [VOD]
Starring Ally Angel & Cindy Dollar
Duration PT1:13.23 & PT2: 27.30 (Total 40 mins 53 secs)

stripping hostess


Two snooty air stewardesses are aboard a passenger flight over darkest Africa. Suddenly one of the passengers has had enough of their haughty attitude and decides to teach the pair a lesson. Pulling a gun on them he makes them strip naked.

Naked Stewardesses

They are forced to grind their breasts and pussies for the entertainment of the passengers. With their humiliation complete the hijacker decideds that its time to throw them off the plane. Naked and handcuffed the buxotic babes are marched to the galley. The door is sldie open and 100s of feet below they can see their fate. Naked and trembling, they titter in the door way. Time to say bye bye as the HiJacker kicks them unceremoniously out of the plane.

gun at tits

They hurtle through the clouds, their fall is saved by their own airbags. Naked and lost in a dark foreboding jungle - Stewardess Ally starts to wonder through the jungle, only to hear an ominous roar. She is not alone. Something very large is approaching.

naked in the sky
Suddenly into the clearing arrives a huge gorilla and he's found his perfect mate. The furry monster forces Ally to suck him off.  She takes the huge black cock, deep into her mouth. Again and again he thrusts. She thinks, maybe if she can satiate his libido she will survive. What choice does she have, as his huge cock ravages her dripping holes. BUt in an orgasmic frenzy he breaks her neck and the stewardess falls lifeless to the ground. The Gorilla shoots its simian spunk all over her dead, naked body.

ally suckMeanwhile, stewardess Cindy is just coming around. Bruised and broken, she finally manages to stand and walk off to try to find civilization. But just then she hears a mighty roar. Will she suffer the same fate as her female collegaue?

naked air hostess

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