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Her Headless Highness [VOD]

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Her Headless Highness [VOD]
Starring Lilly Peterson
Video Download   Duration: 10.56 mins
English Language with English subtitles

Flogged bitch

As the peoples' revolution sweeps across Europe, monarchy after monarchy are brutally dismantled. Now it is the turn of Queen Lillith.  Dragged from her palace by the seething mob, she is stripped and humiliated,  punished and interrogated.  Then, without a stitch to defend her modesty, she is brought in front of the baying crowd...ready to perform the final act.

whipped bitch
Naked and sweating, her Majesty is pullled on stage by a hook in her pussy. The defrocked queen is tied, wide and flogged for her crime. The crowd laugh and taunt her as the leather flogger bites into her regal flesh.

naked bitch
She is now ready for her execution. Placed, facing the axe she pees herself in terror of what is about to happen to her.

bitch pussy whipped
Queen Lillith is taunted as the blade is slid across her sweat drenched body. She is told there will be 3 test chops and the 4th will be for real. The crowd geefully shout out each swing.  Finally, the Axe slices thru her slender neck. The blood spurts out as the crowd shout "Fuck Her!", to which up steps Mongo to fullfil the task. Not only can her decapitated head see her disconected body being fucked, she can also feel Mongo's cock inside her as he shoots his hot spunk deep into her torso.


The Featurette has been slightly re-edited and is now slightly longer.
To check you have the latest version, see if your download is 10:56 mins
(the older one was 10:53 mins)

SIZE: 144 Mb
BITRATE: 1838 kbps
AUDIO: 111kbps Stereo

For info on the BTS - click here includes a music and a silent film version

tied wide

  • Manufactured by: Teraz Films

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