Languages: English  

Fantom Seducer 1 DVD (Director's cut)


Regional Code: NTSC 0
Languages: English ONLY
Subtitles: (when the Fantom Speaks)
Audio: Stereo (2.0).
Picture Format: Wide-Screen (1.85) - anamorphic (16/9).
Length: (approx) 99 minutes. (Plus over 2 hours of extras and bonus material)
Extras: Behind the scenes, A Day at the Station, Slow mo sex, Fantom Seducer and Fantom Kiler compared, Interview with Anastasia Christ, Trailers
Bonus: Four subjective blow job vignettes (approx 47 mins total)

Fantom Seducer (2005)
Cast: Sandra Kay, Anastasia Christ, Stacy Silver, Thalia, Sara Blue
Director: Roman Nowicki

This is a special Directors cut with an extra 5 minutes of footage including the previously excised "Torch in the pussy scene!". The music has been beefed up, the dialogue is louder and clearer and the Fantom is now subtitled.

A ton of fascinating extras have been added plus 4 bonus blow job vignettes.

Fantom Seducer is a hardcore reworking of Fantom Kiler...with an all new cast.
However this time the Fantom enacts a different kind of revenge on the beautiful women
of the small east European town.

Total running time - Now almost 4 hours!!

The Plot: The leader of the Morality Party, Ursula Novak aka Miss Morality (Sandra Kay) arrives at the railway station where she bumps into the two janitors Marek and Darek who have been imagining what she looks like without any clothes. She walks over to ask a question. In Mareks mind he imagines that she is asking for sex and gets it in the middle of the station. A steamy threesome insues. In reality Ursula asks for directions but ends up sitting on the floor with a bucket on her head. This earns Marek a slap in the face as he vows vengeance......


5.0 out of 5 stars A New Take On An Old Formula..., July 6, 2010
By (ATL. GA.) 4-Legged Defender "Anthony C. Rubbo"

This review is from:
Fantom Seducer Downfall of Ursula Novak DVD (DVD)

First off, let me state that Amazon has the details wrong on this one, it's an adults only, not an R-rated release. It's as explicit as you can get. As so, it's also a great entry in the pantheon of what can be truly classified as 'Horror-Porn'. It's also got a few bucks behind it, so it's not insulting like watching a Misty Mundae flick (can someone tell me how she got to be popular?) or most of the Retro-Seduction releases that fail on multiple levels simultaneously. 'Fantom Seducer' is a hardcore remake of the erotic horror film 'Fantom Killer', so don't confuse them. They're both directed by Roman Nowicki, and I think they're from Poland, but with an entirely new cast. The story is thin but interesting (remember, we don't watch them 'cause they're deep), the sex scenes profound, the actresses appealing and some of the sets are quite cool. The horror element is there, but we don't drown in it. This is the director's extended cut, plus there are 8 trailers for similiar releases, 1 hour of extras, behind the scenes, bonus sex scenes - almost 4 hours of material. If you like this genre, you need to catch this one, you too will be seduced by the  Fantom Seducer

  • Manufactured by: Stella International

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