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Fantom Kiler 3 DVD

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(aka Fantom Killer 3 aka Phantom Killer 3)

Regional Code: 0 (Playable anywhere).
Format: NTSC
Languages: Polish/Russian.
Subtitles: English.
Audio: Stereo.
Picture Format: Slightly scoped.
Length: (approx) 100 minutes.
Extras: Trailer, Slide show

Stars: Katarzyna Zelnik, Eliza Borecka, Alicia Malakova, Magda Zymborska
Director: Roman Nowicki


The Plot
A beautiful woman drives to the country, strips and photographs herself in various compromising positions. Such wanton behavior cannot go unpunished by the Fantom Kiler. Later on Natasha arrives at a run down garage where she hopes to get her car serviced, unfortunately for her its not the car that gets serviced as Natasha is forced to strip and be humiliated. But there's only so much a woman can take as she turns the tables on the licentious mechanics. But for Natasha a more terrible fate awaits her out in the woods......

IMDB review:
A woman who goes out into the woods to film herself naked (?!?!) at the request of a mail-order customer is murdered. The killer takes some photos of himself as well to leave at the crime scene to taunt the police. Of course the police recognize the perp as the elusive and ethereal Fantom Kiler, and are on their trail. Other hot hos end up dead and a "pattern" is recognized by the police. The end has a pretty cool twist that also leaves the film open for a fourth installment...

TECHNICAL NOTE: This is a re-master of the DVD. A second limited print run with a new selection of extras. The Katarzyna Zelnik interview has been re-edited, The new behind the scenes footage has a few give-aways, There are now trailers for Fantom Kiler 4 and Mark of the Whip, plus there is also a nice digital Lobby cards section, plus a Stills Gallery.

  • Manufactured by: Teraz Films

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