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Fantom Intruder Pt 2 VOD

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Starring: Maria Vaslova
Duration: 6mins 12 secs
Lang: English
Subtitles: English

In Part 2, Maria Vaslova finds herself tied, naked to a wood burner and awaits the punishnet that the Fantom Intruder is about to bestow on her.

Available in two versions : MPEG2 and WMV
MPEG2: (187Mb)
Resolution: 720 x 576
Bit rate: 8224 Kbps
Frames Per second: 25fps
Audio: Stereo 44Khz (224kbps)

 WMV (224Mb)
Resolution: 720 x 576
Bit rate: 18891 Kbps
Frames Per second: 25fps
Audio: Stereo 44Khz (52kbps)

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Fantom Intruder Maria tit wacked

First she is viciously beaten with a cane, leaving her sweating torso blooded from tits to pussy. Then in a moment of kindness he pours petrol over her to cleanse her wounds. The masturbating slut trembles in fear, or maybe its the coldness of the disused warehouse. The Fantom decides to start up the wood burner, but the heat form the metal soon sears into her quivering ass. She tries to move away but to no avail. Her entire, gasoline soaked body is slowly heating up.Her big round melons start to smoke as her pussy pubes catch a light.

Maria petrol

Mmm I do love the smell of burnig flesh

The heat increases, any second now and she will be turned into a 

BUrning pussy

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