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Downloads on a disc

Starting at: $19.95

Downloads on a Disc
(This Price includes the cost of world-wide postage)

If you would like to also own a hard copy of your download purchases then add this item. We will burn the films on to a menu driven DVDR. This will be sent as a plain disc in a paper sleeve and sent to your delivery address (please make sure address details are correct)

The films will be burned from the original AVI masters (compressed as MPEG2 - standard DVD file format)
The disc will be a DVD5 - maximum play time 2hrs.
Format will be NTSC 0  (Unless you choose the PAL 0 option below)
Region: All zones (0)
Also we can create a password encrypted style disc if you would like extra security.


If you wish to have any feature films in DVD format then you should upgrade to the full replicated DVD release version for just 50% of the retail price (complete with cover and case). Contact us for details.

So all you have to do now is purchase this option then purchase all the (Short and medium length) Download titles (VOD) that you would like to have burnt to disc. These titles will also be available for viewing on line while you are waiting for the disc to arrive by snail mail. As the charge for burning a DVDR with menu is a fixed it obviously would make sense to purchase as many titles as you can afford. If you order more than 2 hours of material - the 2nd or 3rd disc(s) will be made up for free.

The burning to disc option can also be done for titles you have purchased in the past. Contact us for details

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