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If you have a specific idea for a film that you would like to invest in then we can film it for you, using our sets, lighting, models and expertise.

You can choose the model or models from our models directory and decide her fate, whether it be soft erotic or extreme terrotica! The story and content is up to you.

The complete list of models with all their personal info is in the The Teraz Zone (for their privacy), so you will need to purchase a key to access The Teraz Zone.
(If you decide to invest in a  shoot - this amount will then be deducted from the agreed total cost of the production)

Ally Angel A guide to the breakdown of costs:

Models:  About $400 per 6 Hour day  (approx) (inc Agents Fees)
Studio costs: Heating, lighting, etc
Transport: To the Studio, locations, etc

Makeup and Effects: Models make up, (Possible make up artist), Special Effects, etc.
Techinical costs:
Light bulbs, tapes, Smoke fluid, etc
Extras: Crew, actors, etc
Production time: If the work was actually charged on an hourly rate then the cost would be pretty huge. However there would be a nominal cost for pre production, actual Production and Post Production.

Feel free to ask any questions (CLICK HERE)

Also, if a prop is specifically bought for your film and appears in another film then we will send you a voucher for the amount of that film. All props are looked after and sorted safely should you want to use them in a following film (there-by saving you some money)

You can join the Teraz Zone here

Cindy Dollar
VOUCHER USAGE: Each $50 has ONE USE ONLY, so  please make the most of it. If the download comes to $45 - you willl lose $5. If the download is more than $50 then you can pay the extra balance with credit card or P~Pal. The vouchers cannot be used with any other voucher on the same purchase.

Below you can input some of your requirements and get an idea of the minimum costs
(More added soon)

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