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Cindy's Christmas Nightmare [VOD]


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Cindy'Christmas Nightmare [VOD]
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Starring Cindy Dollar & Nicole Vice
Duration 6 mins

Cindy is woken from a bizarre nightmare by her friend Nicole. She tells Cindy that they must go to bed or Santa won't bring them any presents. Just then they hear foot steps and the familar voice calling "Ho! Ho! Ho!".
To their amazement, into their room walks Santa Claus..... or is it?
Cindy soon realises that her nightmare has morphed into an even worse reality!!!

Santa and Cindy
"Merry Xmas Bitches!"shock horror!!

[Scroll over above image to see another image]anally raped by Santa

Merry Xmas Bitches

The Behind The Scenes Video [BTS]
Xmas Best Wishes from Stacy Silver, Antonia Sainz, Ally Angel, Suzy Barts & Cindy Dollar
Xmas Terror Covers trailer
plus 60 second photo gallery from A Lesson for the Mayoress Part 1

SIZE: 114 Mb
RESOLUTION: 1280 x 720
BITRATE: 2651 kbps
FRAME RATE: 25 fps
AUDIO: 111kbps  Stereo 48kHz

  • Manufactured by: Teraz Films

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