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Cindy Dollar Abused & Unused [VOD]


Cindy Dollar  - Abused & Unused [VOD]
Starring Cindy Dollar (with Ally Angel)
Duration: 31.13 mins

A compilation of unused footage from a selection of films featuring Cindy Dollar (some for future release). Most clips are BTS or test shots (such as Breast Bondage tests).
Includes a trailer for Brutal Treatment of a Female Captive Pt3

Cindy Anime

The GIF anime is lower quality than the film release.

cindy spread wide

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Duration:  PT1 13.04 mins PT2 18.08 mins
File Type: MP4  (In 2 parts)

Size: PT1 263 Mb  PT2 181 Mb
Resolution: 1280 x 720 (16x9)
Bitrate: PT1 2810kbps  PT2 1295kbps
Frame Rate: 24 fps
Audio: PT1 128kbps Stereo 48 Khz   PT2  95kbps Stereo 48 Khz

  • Manufactured by: Teraz Films

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