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Captured & Trained White Slave Pt 3 [VOD]

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Captured & Trained White Slave [VOD]
Part 3

Starring Zanetta

Duration 36.22 mins - Video Download

Our blonde slave didnt meet the reserve price at the arabian auction and so is tied naked to a tree in the JuUngle for the night. On waking, she finds the situation arouses her.

suzy wank
Desperate for some pleasure she starts to masturbate until she has a huge orgasm, just as the Arab Slave Master return. Angry at not getting the price he wanted, he plans to put on a show to please his crowd.

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dance bitch

strip her naked
The half naked damsel is whipped, forced to dance, thrusting her cunt at the rabid arabs, thrown to the ground, kicked, tazered, punched and then forced to suck off the tribe plus taking it from behind. All the time being humiliated by the baying crowd.

cock sucker

suck bitch

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