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Brutal Games Pt1 [VOD]

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Starring Nicole Vice and Cindy Dollar
[Custom Shoot] Story by Mr X
Duration 36 mins 21 secs

Brutal Games Intro
Two sisters (Nicole Vice and Cindy Dollar) have been given a choice, be sentenced to death as enemies of
the state or win their freedom by going through a tough and humiliating games course
as part of the bread and circus offered to the citizens.
crawl bitches
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But if they fail they, will meet the same violent fate, a naked and very public execution by firing squad.CUNT SHOW
The Brutal Games are fully televised with cameras dotted  around the course, ready to offer a worms eye view of every embarrassing situation, which will be projected live onto a large auditorium screen for all the people to enjoy, including slow motion action replays.
bloody breasts

Nicole Vice
For the girls, there is no escape from broadcasting their most intimate zones to the
baying public. Maybe they should have chosen instant execution instead but its too late now,
as they are
brought into the stadium. So let the games begin....
Brutal Games Intro

nicole tazered


In Brutal Games Part 1, The unfortunate sisters are groped and fondled, they then have to traverse barbed wire covered hurdles, forcing them to show their panties and pussies to the public via the big screen, beaten with walking sticks by senior citizens from the local retirement home, stripped of their panties and tasered on their pussies to the enjoyment of the laughing crowd,  tasered on their asses as they crawl along the ground, exposing themselves even more buy having to raise a ball over their heads as they shamefully vaginal fart,  stripped naked apart from their girdles and stockings and forced to carry a heavy sack across a narrow planks whilst being beaten, bloodied, they have to repeat this wearing baby doll nighties and loin cloths, one sister is dowsed with a bucket of cold water to wake her up after she has been beaten unconscious, followed by more tasering of her tits and pussies as she gyrates uncontrollably, bull whipped until all her sweat saoked nighty is ripped off, forced to suck off all the old men as they shoot their cum into her face, eyes and mouth. With spunk still dripping from her face, she is forced to run the last few hurdles but someone from the crowd throws a brick at her face giving the signal for the rest of the OAPs to attack her and beat her to the ground.
Nicole Vice
As neither sister finished the course, their fate is now sealed. Which you can see in Part 2 - Coming Soon!

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  • Manufactured by: Teraz Films

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