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Bad Day For Veronika [Re-edit] [VOD]

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Bad Day For Veronika - Re-Edit

Starring Veronika Vee
Video Download - Duration 18mins 41 secs
This is a re-edit of the controversial movie the so eleoquently highlighted the dangers of inner city squalor and degeneration. To help focus the narrative we have spotlighted areas of interest, these areas may have been too shadey in the original version.
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naked bitch


naked fear

naked bitch

Veronika is dropped off on the bad side of town. "This doesn't look right" she says as she stands in a stinking ally ,dressed in the skimpiest of clothing. But unfortunately the taxi has already left. Soon, like lions homing in on an injured gazelle, the scum come out of the shadows. A masked mugger points a gun in her face and demands her money but she has none. So thrusting the gun down her throat he demands her expensive clothes. "Suck on this and strip" he says.

naked bitch

She has no choice but to strip down to her her slingbacks.Standing naked in the ally, the local pimp arrives and accuses Veronika of illegally working on his patch and he wants her earning. He gets even more angry when he finds she has nothing in her purse. After slapping her around he ties her to a drain pipe like an abandoned bitch. With a Dildo belt, ready for use and "Fuck my holes for $5" scrawled on her chest, the punter's soon show up and start abusing her wet hole.

naked bitch

  A few orgasms later and the pimp comes back for his money. He's not happy with what he sees and so turns her into a human shoe shine. The punters, once again turn up, this time to get their shoes cleaned and her juiced up pussy goes to work, buffing and shining. ASS CROPPEDCLICK ON ABOVE IMAGE FOR A MONTAGE

bitch  lamp post

SIZE: 219 Mb
RESOLUTION: 720 X 576 (16/9)
BITRATE: 1638kbps
AUDIO: 112kbps Stereo

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