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All Sluts Must Die [VOD]

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All Lust must die
Duration 41 Mins 9 secs

Rachel's lust for self gratification is getting out of control and so
she decides that she must change her slutty ways.
She takes a trip to her church so that she can confess her sins to the priest.
  all sluts must die
She also confesses that she has perverted dreams involving fucking a
big banana and being raped by a group of men and exclaims that
"Their love juice spurts into every hole".
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rachel evans
Father James is shocked. Simple absolution won't be enough to save this
wanton harlot and so he suggests a secret Vatican Sexorcism to cleanse
her sinful body. "Oh, please, anything" cries Rachel and so he leads her to
special chamber where he tests sluts, such as Rachel,
see if they are worthy of redemption.
The chamber is cold and damp. Father James tells her to divest
herself of her clothing.
Reluctantly, Rachel obeys. Standing naked,
he binds her hands behind her back and ring gags her.

She is now ready to have the demons beaten out of her defiled body
He thrashes her mercilessly with the Holy Birch then rubs it between
her legs
bringing her to orgasm. She has failed the first test.
Now she will be abused by the Holy Dildo of Bernadetta.

Holy Dildo
"The Power of the Dildo Compels you!"

The black member is thrust into her moistened hole until she finally squirts her
love juice all over the floor. Rachel has failed her second test.
She has no more chances. Her fate is now in a higher hand
Will she be forgiven or will she be sent into a firey Hell?
juicy Dildo
Father James leaves her to await her fate.
left to hang

on toes

burn bitch burn
A teraz films debut for Rachel Evans
Film Spec:

File Type: MP4
Size: 546 Mb
Resolution: 720 x 576 (16x9)
Bitrate: 1853kbps
Frame Rate: 25 fps
Audio: 112kbps Stereo 48 Khz

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  • Manufactured by: Teraz Films

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